Discover Loire-Atlantique on a camping holiday

What could be better than spending a holiday with your family, your partner or your friends in the Loire-Atlantique region, for an experience full of adventure?
Le Sunêlia Le Petit Bois campsite invites you to discover some of the must-see sites to visit during your stay at our campsite in Mesquer-Quimiac, between the Loire and the Atlantic coast.

Just 1.5 km from the campsite, the beaches of Quimiac await you for swimming, sunbathing or fishing!
The beaches of Sorlock and Lanseria are supervised in July and August. There are footpaths at the entrance to the campsite leading to the centre of Mesquer or Quimiac and the beaches.

Discover the family beaches of Assérac (Pont Mahé), lined with pine trees and renowned for their shallow waters.

If you're in the mood for culture, head for Guérande and its famous salt marshes! The Celtic town is also a "Ville d'Art et d'Histoire" (Town of Art and History), or you may prefer to discover La Turballe and its many activities, including its unmissable fishing port in the Loire-Atlantique region, not forgetting the coastal path that is perfect for walking.

And don't forget, just 10 minutes from the campsite, to discover Piriac-sur-Mer on the Guérande peninsula, a charming town of character with its fishing port, famous for having inspired great writers (Zola, Daudet...).

La Blochkaus - Batz-sur-Mer
Branféré Animal Park
Les renversantes - Saint Nazaire
Legendia Parc
Sailing school
Jet & Gliss
Piriac Aventure - tree climbing
Land of Salt (Terre de Sel)
Planète Sauvage
Terra Botanica
Bel Air Equestrian Centre
Presqu'île bowling
Les Trottes de l'Ouest
Océarium of Le Croisic

Mesquer - Quimiac


During your camping stay in southern Brittany at Château du Petit Bois, you will be in the perfect location to enjoy the 13 km of beaches in the seaside resort of Quimiac and discover the town of Mesquer. A little haven of peace in the heart of Loire-Atlantique for a wonderful seaside vacation with family or friends.

The sea and its beaches at the doorstep of the campsite

Come and lay your towel on a beach in Quimiac and savor the simple pleasures of vacations in southern Brittany. Swimming, beach games, sunbathing, water activities—there's something for everyone! The Lanséria beach near the city center is spacious, and you'll easily find a pleasant spot to relax for a day. The Sorlock beach to the north of the town is also very friendly, and like Lanséria, it is monitored in the summer. Other smaller beaches like Épis Beach or Moulin Beach will be perfect for those who prefer more intimate atmospheres. Fishing is also celebrated in Mesquer: shellfish and crustaceans can be gathered during low tide, while line fishing and surfcasting offer opportunities to discover the local fish. Don't leave the area without treating yourself to at least one sunset with the sea in the background on a Quimiac beach—an timeless and always breathtaking spectacle.

A 100% Natural Stroll in Mesquer-Quimiac

How about a refreshing and gourmet stroll at the Port of Kercabellec? Here, visitors can enjoy the scenery while savoring local oysters cultivated by the local oyster farmers. The port's activity has notably developed thanks to salt production, and you will discover the importance of salt farming in this region during your walk through the Mès marshes. Head towards Rostu Island and get acquainted with the fauna and flora of the salt marshes. Numerous birds inhabit the area, and you can easily recognize (by sound for the more ornithologically inclined) the little egret, the gray heron, or the black-winged stilt. Don't hesitate to climb to the top of the blockhouse at Merquel Point to access the bird observatory. The spectacle of nature will continue to amaze you in Loire-Atlantique.

Gourmet Stroll in the Town of Mesquer

Take advantage of the markets in Mesquer during your camping stay in southern Brittany to stock up on provisions and souvenirs! On the agenda: local products and crafts!

  • Town of Mesquer: Sunday morning
  • Place de Kercabellec: Wednesday morning (July-August)
  • Place de l'Orée du Bois in Quimiac: Tuesday and Friday morning (from June 15 to September 15)

Treat yourself to a gourmet break at Café du Port or in one of the many restaurants in Mesquer: whether they're called La Vieille Forge, Le Belem, Le Relais Marine, L'Amphore, Le P'tit Caboulot, not forgetting La Cabane à Huîtres, Le Skipper, and La Yole, you'll be spoiled for choice to savor local products on the terrace or indoors.

Finally, Mesquer-Quimiac is also the perfect starting point for many places to visit during your camping vacation in Loire-Atlantique: the Mine d'Or beach in Pénestin, the salt marshes of Guérande, and of course, the seaside resorts of La Turballe, Piriac-sur-Mer, or La Baule.

Piriac sur Mer


Don't miss Piriac-sur-Mer located at the tip of the Guérande peninsula during your camping stay in Loire-Atlantique. This emblematic character town of southern Brittany has inspired several writers such as Flaubert, Daudet, and even Émile Zola, who wrote a short story during his stay that smells of holidays: "Les Coquillages de Monsieur Chabre." It must be said that this seaside resort, less than 10 minutes from the campsite, has plenty to offer for lovers of the sea and beautiful landscapes. Come experience the charm of Piriac, undoubtedly one of the most Breton towns in Loire-Atlantique!

Heading to the Beaches of Piriac-sur-Mer

Piriac has charming beaches where it's great to swim and bask in the sun. Saint-Michel Beach is the largest and is perfect for a relaxing day with family or friends. The customs officers' trail will lead you to Lérat Beach, which is equally pleasant. Both beaches have the advantage of being monitored during the high season. Your camping vacation near Piriac-sur-Mer could be an opportunity to try a water sport: kite surfing, windsurfing, and even jet skiing are water activities available in Piriac. If you prefer shellfish gathering, you won't be disappointed either, and you can indulge in this playful activity during low tide while enjoying a breath of fresh sea air.

Strolls in Piriac

Whether on a bike or on foot, strolls in Piriac offer the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the sea and its landscapes of coves and beaches, with the Atlantic Ocean always in the background. After a leisurely time at the beach, take a stroll to the marina and indulge in a local treat to savor while wandering along the docks or pausing for a moment to contemplate the sea. If you're seeking an exceptional panorama of Le Croisic and the islands of the Gulf of Morbihan, you must visit Pointe du Castelli, which will offer you one of the most beautiful views in the region. From here, you can see Dumet Island, the only maritime island in Loire-Atlantique, a small piece of fragile and preserved land that is home to numerous birds. Change the scenery by walking through the narrow streets of the town of Piriac. In this charming place, you'll enjoy strolling along granite houses adorned with roses and hydrangeas, offering you a colorful walk. What would Piriac-sur-Mer be without its Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday morning market that enlivens the town during the summer? From July to August, you'll also have the chance to discover Piriac's Thursday evening artisanal night market, a unique atmosphere to explore during your camping vacation in southern Brittany.

Leisure in Piriac

In addition to hiking on foot or by bike and the numerous water activities to enjoy at sea, Piriac is home to an aquatic center and the Piriac Aventure park, where you can experience the joys of tree climbing in the great outdoors (accessible from 3 years old)! The town of Piriac is also not far from the beaches of La Baule or La Turballe, and just a short half-hour drive from the Océarium du Croisic.



At the gates of the campsite in Loire-Atlantique with Château du Petit Bois, the town of Guérande awaits you for a visit to its superb medieval city and its renowned salt marshes throughout the country. Here's a little preview of what you'll encounter in Guérande during your stay in southern Brittany...

Discovering Guérande and Its Salt Marshes

It's impossible to overlook the salt marshes when visiting the town of Guérande, especially considering that they extend to other surrounding municipalities such as La Turballe, Le Croisic, or Batz-sur-Mer. The Mès marshes are also associated with the Guérande peninsula. During your walks or bike rides around the salt flats, you will undoubtedly be charmed by the magnificent nature that offers breathtaking landscapes as far as the eye can see. You will quickly understand why so many bird species have made it their home, given the abundant biodiversity. Your stay in Guérande will, of course, be an opportunity to uncover all the secrets of the "white gold" and become well-versed in the work of salt workers and salt production. Visit the House of Salt Workers or Terre de Sel for a playful and informative tour of the salt marshes. There, you can purchase the famous Guérande fleur de sel, which will wonderfully enhance your dishes. And let's not forget about salted butter caramel, a rather addictive culinary treasure!


Follow the Traces of the Medieval City of Guérande

Guérande is also renowned for its medieval city, which gives it a unique atmosphere. Pass through the Saint-Michel gate and visit the ramparts (no, you're not in Saint-Malo or Carcassonne!) to immerse yourself in the history of the Dukes of Brittany. The charming alleys and some historical monuments like the Notre-Dame-La-Blanche chapel or the Saint-Aubin Church are worth a visit. Guérande is also a city conducive to shopping, and it's delightful to stop in one of the many shops in the city to leave with some sweets and souvenirs from the region. Bars and restaurants abound for a leisurely stop on a terrace and a taste of local gastronomy. To stock up on fresh products and seasonal vegetables, you can visit the Saturday morning market, which should provide you with all the sought-after ingredients to cook delicious meals in your mobile home or campsite pitch. Guérande is a lively city, especially during the summer with flagship events such as the Guérande Medieval Festival, inviting us to dive back into the 15th century through multiple shows and animations that bring the fortified city to life for a weekend. Don't forget the essential events like the music festival or July 14th, although you'll notice that in Guérande, every day is an opportunity for festivities and a warm atmosphere."

Guérande and Surroundings

If you are a hiking enthusiast, Guérande can be the starting point for numerous walks to immerse yourself in the diversity of landscapes in Loire-Atlantique. Between the beaches of La Baule, the Regional Park of Brière, and the salt marshes, you will enjoy exploring at your own pace the fortified city and its surroundings during your camping stay in southern Brittany.