Welcome to Le Croisic, the pearl of the Atlantic coast, nestling in the department of Loire-Atlantique. This small coastal town, with its undeniable charm, captivates visitors with its harmonious blend of maritime traditions, rich history and natural beauty.

Le Croisic and its fishing port

Le Croisic, an authentic fishing port, reveals its maritime roots around every corner. The bustling quays are full of colourful boats, testimony to the ceaseless activity of the local fishermen. Strolling along the quays offers a captivating immersion in maritime life, with the ballet of boats, live fish markets and the salty smell of the ocean. Maritime history buffs will be delighted by the Musée de la Pêche, which traces the development of this crucial activity for the town. The Grand Charpentier lighthouse offers a panoramic view of the coast and is an emblem of navigation in the region.

The charm of Le Croisic

Le Croisic's historic heritage is revealed through its cobbled streets and half-timbered houses. Visitors can explore the old town, a testimony to centuries of history, where every stone tells a story. The church of Saint-Goustan embodies the town's rich architectural heritage and offers an exceptional view of the sea. The beaches of Le Croisic, lined with golden dunes, invite you to relax and contemplate. The beach at Port-Lin, with its crystal-clear waters, is ideal for a sunny day out, while the Pointe du Castelli is a breathtaking sight, with its rock formations sculpted by the waves. Local flavours take pride of place in the many restaurants and markets, where freshly caught seafood is the unmissable speciality. Sitting down in one of the seafront bistros allows you to savour these delicacies while admiring the maritime panorama. The diversity of activities on offer, from seaside walks to cultural visits and gastronomic tastings, makes Le Croisic a destination where authenticity blends with maritime tranquillity, offering visitors an unforgettable experience.