La Turballe

La Turballe, located just ten minutes from the campsite, is renowned for its fishing port but also has many other assets that you will have the opportunity to discover during your stay in camping in Loire-Atlantique. Here's a preview of this charming town on the Guérande Peninsula...

La Turballe seaside and harbor

How can one resist the call of the Atlantic Ocean during camping holidays? In southern Brittany, the sea adapts to all your desires: relaxation and idleness, water activities, or family and friends swimming. Ideally located on the Côte d'Amour, La Turballe is no exception. With no less than 11 km of sandy beaches, you'll have plenty of choices to lay your towel in the sun or shade of an umbrella and let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves. The port of La Turballe is a must-visit fishing port in Loire-Atlantique. Long renowned for sardines and anchovies, it has opened up to other species such as bass and sea bream. If you're an early riser, you can be among the privileged few to witness the auction at the port of La Turballe, always a fascinating spectacle and a unique immersion into the heart of bids and traditional weighings (reservation at the Fishing Museum to access). The maritime atmosphere that emanates from it is definitely worth setting the alarm even on a vacation day!

The Pointe de Pen-Bron

Don't leave La Turballe without exploring the peninsula of Pen-Bron and enjoying its superb viewpoint over the port of Le Croisic. Take a walk or bike ride on the cycling path and let yourself be enchanted by the maritime pine forests, dunes, and soothing beaches. During your iodine-infused stroll, you'll encounter various birds and a rich, preserved fauna. You'll probably come across the Grande Falaise beach, part of which is naturist-friendly, while the other part is appreciated by water sports enthusiasts. An original way to discover the area? The small tourist train of the Marais Salants, departing from the Tourist Office! This commented route is a friendly way for both young and old to explore La Turballe's beaches, the salt marshes, and the Pen-Bron peninsula from a different perspective.