La Baule, a nearby seaside resort to the campsite

La Baule, the pearl of the Côte d'Amour, evokes timeless elegance by the Atlantic Ocean. Nestled on the south coast of Brittany, this seaside resort dazzles with its endless sandy beaches. La Baule embodies the French art of living, where refinement meets maritime tranquility.

The seafront of La Baule

The palm-lined promenade, famous as the 'Avenue de Gaulle', offers a sumptuous panorama of the ocean and reveals chic shops, sidewalk cafes, and elegant hotels. The seaside villas, with white facades adorned with pastel shutters, give the city a Belle Époque atmosphere, reminiscent of the glorious days when La Baule was the favored destination of high society.

Its 9 kilometers of beach...

The beach, a jewel of golden sand, stretches for several kilometers, offering visitors an idyllic spot for walks along the water, sunbathing, and water sports. The brightly colored beach cabins add a picturesque touch to this coastal landscape.

The seafront of La Baule is home to gourmet restaurants, where the flavors of the sea blend with the delights of French cuisine. Fresh seafood and regional specialties, accompanied by a glass of local wine, delight the taste buds in a relaxed and sunny atmosphere.

The town of La Baule

The Barrière Casino, a true institution in the city, offers a touch of glamour and excitement. The city's meticulously maintained gardens invite peaceful strolls and provide a haven of peace in the heart of the summer buzz.

La Baule charms with its endless beach, elegant architecture, gastronomic pleasures, and refined seaside atmosphere. The city embodies the art of living on the Atlantic coast, where every visitor can savor the gentle blend of relaxation and sophistication offered by this gem of Brittany.