Guérande, 10 minutes away from the campsite

At the gates of the campsite in Loire-Atlantique with Sunêlia Le Petit Bois, the town of Guérande awaits you for a visit to its superb medieval city and its renowned salt marshes throughout the country. Here's a little preview of what you'll encounter in Guérande during your stay in southern Brittany...

Discovering Guérande and its salt marshes

It's impossible to ignore the salt marshes when visiting the town of Guérande, especially since they extend to other neighboring municipalities such as La Turballe, Le Croisic, or Batz-sur-Mer. The Mès marshes are also associated with the Guérande peninsula. During your walks or bike rides around the salt pans, you'll be charmed by this magnificent nature, offering walkers remarkable landscapes as far as the eye can see. You'll quickly understand why so many bird species have chosen to settle here, given the abundant biodiversity. Your stay in Guérande will, of course, be an opportunity to unravel all the secrets of white gold and become an expert on the work of salt workers and salt production. Visit the House of Salt Workers or Terre de Sel for a fun and informative tour of the salt marshes. You can buy the famous Guérande fleur de sel, which will wonderfully enhance your dishes. Not to mention caramel with salted butter, a rather addictive gastronomic treasure!

Follow the trail of the medieval town of Guérande

Guérande is also renowned for its medieval town, giving it a unique atmosphere. Pass through the Saint-Michel gate and visit the ramparts (no, you're not in Saint-Malo or Carcassonne!) to immerse yourself in the history of the Dukes of Brittany. The narrow streets are charming, and some historical monuments like the Chapel of Notre-Dame-La-Blanche or the Church of Saint-Aubin are worth a visit. Guérande is also a great city for shopping, and it's pleasant to stop by one of the many shops in the town to pick up some sweets and regional souvenirs. Bars and restaurants abound for a relaxing moment on a terrace to taste the local cuisine. To stock up on fresh products and seasonal vegetables, you can visit the Saturday morning market, providing you with all the ingredients needed to cook delicious meals in your mobile home or pitch. Guérande is a lively city, especially during the summer, with flagship events such as the Guérande medieval festival, inviting us to dive into the 15th century through multiple shows and animations that bring the fortified town to life for a weekend. Don't forget the essential events like the music festival or Bastille Day, even though you'll notice that in Guérande, every day is an opportunity for festivities and a warm atmosphere.

Guérande and Surroundings

If you're passionate about hiking, Guérande can serve as the perfect starting point to explore the diversity of landscapes in Loire-Atlantique. Between the beaches of La Baule, the Brière Regional Park, and the salt marshes, you'll enjoy discovering the fortified town and its surroundings at your own pace during your stay in a campsite in Southern Brittany.